350 Ankara Public Release on 24th Of September

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We come together in the world more than 170 countries in thousands of cities for the future without fossil fuel . We are here with 350 Ankara’s call to say “move for climate”
The scientific facts has brought us here! Science says, we brought out the concentration of the carbon dioxide from 280 part per million of pre-industrial level to 392ppm. Science says, we warm up the atmosphere about 1 degrees celcius and we can’t warm up more. Science says, 350 ppm is the safe carbondioxide concentration. So we exceed safe level and science says go back! That is why we are saying “no minute” for the solution.
We say “no” to high carbon economy. We say “no” to coal plants, double highway, hydroelectric power plants that destroy the chance of adaptation for climate change, İzmir-İstanbul highway, and car-centered transportation concept.
We demand zero carbon policy.
We want a city which has pedestrian priority. We want to use public transport for the climate, and we want bicycle lanes. We want climate friendly energy sources and energy efficiency policies. We know that there is money for these. You don’t say you have limited budget while you allocate 11 billion dolar to build the highway of the Izmir-Istanbul, 6 billion dollars for the 3rd bridge,  70 billion dolar for the nuclear power plant!  But when the issue comes to the bicycles or pedestrian ways, which don’t burn the petrol, or carbon saving public transport and energy efficiency which is not consuming any fuel, wind and sun, you say there is no money. However, we know it is not because of money, nor anything else. It is because Turkey doesn’t have any reduction target for climate. Although international agreements were signed by 180 countries many years before, Turkey signed them too late. Moreover, Turkey doubled her carbon emmissions. Turkey’s only target is 25 thousand kilometer of double highway, destroying all the rivers and to mine the coals for producing the energy!
Today, world steps are inadequate about the climate movement. However, Turkey, doesn’t take any step. While 140 countries submitted their reduction target according to Kopenhagen accord, Turkey did not.
Today while Ethiopia which suffer from drought, is fighting against climate change with the dozens of the Project. Hundreds of thousands of Bogota reach to the city  through the more than 300 kilometers of cycle ways, we still listen to our government’s excuses. As a climate-friendly projects is carried out in the world We do not want to imagine now! We want them to be real in Turkey too.
Today, Your policies does not work any more. There is no room on road for cars  and no room in atmospehere for their exaust. Transportation does not only mean cars. Ways to transport are bicycles, mass tranportation and pedestrian’s ways. But you are still ignoring them and putting obstacles . Please note that transportation for handicaped are also climate friendly ways!
Consequences of wrong policies of Turkey is now charging us as a climate catastrophe. Turkey shouldn’t charge us as a climate catastrophe by removing the coal from under the soil, she should do climate-friendly jobs!
Turkey shouldn’t construct double roads, coal fired thermal power plants. Turkey should invest on climate friendly investments. Turkey should create the reduction target for the climate.
Remember, for the climate there is “no minute!”
                                                                                                                                           350 Ankara

350 Ankara is an activist group, which struggles against the climate change and supporting by the Federation of Consumer Associations, Middle East Technical University Alumni Association, Ankara Photographers Association, the Branch Office of Consumer Protection Association of Ankara, and cyclists on Thursday night. 350 is the figure of the safe carbon dioxide concentration as particles per million in the atmosphere. Today this figure is 392 million particle. 350 Ankara supports global 350.org movement.

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