Sustainable Living Film Festival – ANKARA

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Sustainable Living Film Festival after once in Karlskona-Sweden and three times in Istanbul, now it is in Ankara. Festival will be held at April 11th – 14th at Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi and 24 films will be given to the public free of charge.

Festival Logo

Festival will be launched with Seeds of Freedom at 7pm April 11th and will be dance shows, concerts and talks during consecutive four days. To see the program and list of films, please click here!

Not Fiction but Documentary!

The Festival aims to clarify the abstract and debatable aspects of Sustainability Concept that is widely used by various individuals and corporations. Sustainable Life Films Festival give inspirations by providing different examples from all over the world while explaining which is sustainable which is not.

Whole films of festival are documentary that open a window of perspective of not only economical but also environmental and social as well.

SYFFA Afis 350A


Festival Collaborative

The organisation of the Festival is being executed by 350 Ankara, an activist group for Climate Change since 2009 and group of volunteers. Ankara Festival will begin with the collaborative efforts of volunteers and sponsors.








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