Sustainable Living Film Festival, Back to Ankara

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With the success of Ankara’s first Sustainable Living Film Festival in April of 2013, the second  Sustainable Living Film Festival of Ankara is scheduled for December 20th thru December 22nd, 2013. The film festival will be held at Çağdaş Sanatlar  Merkezi. We invite you to come and be empowered by these remarkable films.


The Ankara Festival will show simultaneously with our sister festival in Istanbul. Thus we are pleased to continue the tradition of the festival being held in Sweden, Istanbul, and Ankara. The very aim of the Festival is to empower individuals. To encourage you to re-discover your own power. The focus of the festival is for individuals to release their  cons

ciousness from a system that made them powerless. This new thought unfolds with works, movements, thought systems, applications, knowledge, and a new consciousness in sustainable living vision.

The Festival brings 20 distinguished documentary films to compliment its guests. It embraces different facets of sustainability from lost rivers in cities to climate change to new ways of building human scale urbanization. The Festival contains not only very inspiring films on health, waste & collective production but offers real stories on sustainability.

The Festival will include talks on climate change, Rivers of Ankara & Community Supported Agriculture. We will watch, discuss and be touched by various enriching films. Films include the story of local citizens in Texas fighting against the planned building of 19 Thermal Power plants. A film about how our food changes life at it’s origin i.e. the land where the food is produced.  A story on a journey of waste. How the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe awakened the Japanese people on their country’s handling of disasters. And the history of textile  craftsmanship of Denizli & cultural erosion.

The opening of the Festival will be on December 19 with a short film “Sulukule: Transformation for whom ?” and “Agorafobia”, urban transformation in Ankara, Bursa & İstanbul.

The Festival also invites our guest to come and enjoy the three musical performances we have scheduled.

The Festival, hosting 2000 guests last year, is the contribution of Sustainable Living Collective to our country & it is organized for Ankara by 350Ankara which is activism group on climate change.

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List Of Films:
·       Agorafobi / Agoraphobia,
·       Çikolata Gibisi Yok / Nothing Like Chocolate,
·       Amchi / Amchi,
·       Uzaydan Bakış / Overview,
·       Zihnin Ekolojisi / An Ecology of Mind,
·       Vahşi Şeyler Projesi / Project Wild Thing,
·       Çiftliğine Bahis / Betting The Farm,
·       Reaktör / Reactor,
·       Afiyet Olsun / Enjoy Your Meal,
·       İnsan Ölçeği / The Human Scale,
·       Aman Tanrım, GDO! / GMO OMG,
·       Tarumar / Trashed,
·       Yeşil Altın / Green Gold,
·       Sıcak Zamanlar / Warmzeit,
·       Tezgâhın Öyküsü / Truth Of The Loom,
·       Uyuyan Dereler/ Lost Rivers
·       Plan B: Uygarlığı Kurtarma Seferberliği / Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization,
·       Sulukule: Kimin İçin Dönüşüm? / Sulukule: Transformation for Whom?
·       Yayılan Değişim: Venezuela’nın Gıda Devrimine Bir Bakış / Growing Change: A Journey Inside Venezuela’s Food Revolution,
·       Kömür Canavarına Karşı / Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars,

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